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> New Harpoon 3 scenarios
posté samedi 24 avril 2004 à 16:34
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Three new Harpoon3 scenarios built by Christopher, Stephen, and Mike have been added to the HarpoonHQ's scenario section:

Five more over-sized/super-complex scenarios designed and built by Klaus have been uploaded here:

The first scenario is Christopher's Adriatic Nights and takes place during the winter 1994. War in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia has escalated and the Croatian town of Split has been isolated by Bosnian Serb forces. The fledgling Croat navy is tasked to supply the garrison until the overland supply routes can be reopened. Yugoslav naval units supporting Bosnian Serb operations are attempting to interdict the movement of Croat forces and harass ground units as well. This scenario is a real beauty, and although it may look like a 'no problem' scenario to win, the player is in for a few nasty surprises... It also features some platforms never before seen in Harpoon3. In other words, a highly recommended scenario!

Second up is Envelope Tango by Steve. This is a truly massive scenario and is by far the most complex convoy scenario ever created for Harpoon3. Steve has taken extreme care to get every part of of the scenario 'just right', something you will immediately see when you start playing. The scenario also features a very aggressive Artificial Intelligence (AI) that makes playing both sides a real challenge. The storyline goes like this: The dispute between Japan and Russia over the Kurils islands turned into an armed conflict in the summer of 2005. Japan issued recall letters to Japanese flagged merchants and commenced convoy operations to secure the flow of oil and stores to and from the country.

Mike, one of the community's top scenario designers, has released his next scenario named On a Wing and A Prayer. The story goes like this: With Desert Storm underway many nations are forced to realign their forces to cover the gaps left by forces that have been committed to the Gulf. Australia is one of these nations and with New Zealand's assistance has been able to fulfill its regional security commitments. This assistance could not come at a better time as Indonesia has decided to press its agenda in Timor violently. The scenario is built in typical Mike style, and features a cunning AI and, of course, the occasional groin kicks. You don't want to miss this one for the world!

Lastly, Klaus, known for his impressive collection of extremely large and unbelievably complex scenarios, has released no less than three new scenarios and updated/refurbished several older ones. So if you have a really fast computer and just taken a whole week off from work to play H3 then make sure you go and check them out laugh.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
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