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> 1.12 dispo
posté samedi 27 mars 2010 à 03:14
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Release Notes

Version: 1.12.000

The 1.12 release updates version 1.10. It includes all changes and bug fixes made in the 1.11 test releases.

Simulation and Game Engine Changes

  • Made air cannons easier to hit with
  • EngageAll will try to match altitudes when close in air-to-air combat
  • Added support for firing arc parameter in database to limit gun field of view
  • Added feature to automatically activate fire control radar when required by launching weapons
  • Added turn rate and g-limit to missile model
  • Modifed reload logic to load from fastest magazine (shortest moveTime)
  • Aircraft have a "maintenance time" down-time added to allow sortie rates to be kept to realistic values. Aircraft now land at the lowest ready state (used to be high ready state that could block other aircraft operations). After all maintenance and equipping is finished, the three levels currently correspond to alert30, alert15, and alert5.
  • Passive sonar now does rapid classification of torpedo
  • Added evade behavior to submarines. Run and go deep, then when close try to keep torpedo on port or starboard beam
  • Reduced missile straight flight time to 0.5 secs
  • Changed helo to takeoff at default of 100 kts
  • Added sonar environment to save game state, binary and python. Python just saves sea state for now.
  • Added database reference check feature to catch typos and name mismatches in database. Use CheckDatabaseReferences option in options.xml. Output to log/database_errors.txt

Interface Changes

  • Tab and shift-tab can now be used to cycle through friendly units on the tactical map
  • Added feature for automatic firing with naval gunfire and point defense guns. After firing once with guns, the guns keep auto-firing until the target is destroyed or cleared
  • Changed waypoint logic so speed and altitude commands are applied when reaching waypoint
  • Hovering helo will automatically change to cruise speed when first waypoint is added by player
  • Can now move between stores objects. Cancel move by double-clicking or right clicking on blinking move item icon, or drag icon again to cancel
  • Can now set quantity of stores item dragged. click and drag, and while holding the mouse button down, type the quantity desired, then release the dragged item as normal
  • Can use page up/down keys to step through stores pages (clicking small page boxes in upper right of window also still works)
  • Can now double click on scenario name to load in edit mode
  • Can use mouse wheel in mission time edit box to adjust mission time in 10 min steps
  • Saved games now appear in scenario browser immediately after saving (used to have to exit and restart to see them)
Multiplayer Changes

  • Added support for loading previously saved game from binary .dat file at server
  • Changed team switching rules to allow switching teams as default. Added /gm setteamchanges command for control.
Database Schema Changes

  • Added Draft_m field to ship and sub tables (max navigational draft)
  • Added SurfaceSpeed_kts to sub
  • Added min and max maintenance time fields to aircraft tables, affects down-time and sortie rate for aircraft
New Scenarios

  • Added Backfires and Samurai scenarios by Ralf Koelbach
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause crash in larger scenarios after 512 platforms were created
  • Many small database adjustments to fix database-related problems
  • Fixed several bugs causing problems with saved games using save to binary
  • Improved helo landing logic, hopefully an end to the crazy circling
  • Fixed torpedo logic to avoid sea bottom
  • Fixed altitude adjustment up/down arrows. The mouse click zone wasn't lined up with the drawn graphics
  • Added menu options to cancel load/unload of launcher (normally used on subs)
  • Fixed several multiplayer bugs related to database synchronization between server and clients
  • Fixed bug in target designation logic to not allow autotargeting a pure bearing only track. Previously in some cases would load ownship coordinates as target
  • Fixed some function key commands so that they work as described in the manual
  • Modified launcher check so that launchers don't flicker so much near max range
  • Modified passive sensor report fusion logic to reduce occurrence of jumping error boxes
  • Fixed bug where helicopters wouldn't land properly over deep water
  • Fixed bug in ASWPatrolArea script exposed by classification logic fix, should now attack sub targets
  • Fixed bug where active sonar detection wasn't getting to helo in ASW Patrol so helo wouldn't attack
  • Fixed crash that occurred when unloading sub launcher
  • Changed scrollbar arrow button step size to automatically adjust to avoid jumping too far with small listboxes (e.g. ops mission select)
  • Fixed bug where random target speed numbers would be sometimes be shown in bearing-only ESM tracks
  • Fixed bug in air intercept logic. Aircraft will now fly toward intercept target when they are going too slow to intercept.
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posté mardi 09 novembre 2010 à 03:27
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pour ceux qui ont de sproblemes de licence avec GCB 2 voila une maj , dernier posts en bas:
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posté lundi 29 novembre 2010 à 11:39
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Et ben encore une bonne nouvelle,

Gal. tu devrais jeter un coup d'oeil dans vos jeux, il y a un petit jeu qui pourrait t'interesser.

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posté lundi 29 novembre 2010 à 22:19
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vu merci.
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