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Nom du fichier NYGM3_2.7z
Ajouté par U768
Date d'ajout 05/03/2009
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Update 3.2, à appliquer sur la version 2.5 Full

New Features 3.0 :

1. The new Type XXIII boat.
2. The Real Weather Fix.
3. Racerboy's exhaust smoke for all U-boats. (Used with permission.)
4. Iambecomelife's new merchant fleet, incorporated into convoys.
5. Key changes made to stop the way in which a U-boat could pass into a convoy from the front, at periscope depth, without ever being detected by the front escort. You will have to be much more careful now.
6. Schnorchelling improved, so that the crew doesn't die of exhaustion in stormy weather. (This is much more complicated than it sounds.)
7. 'Bold' asdic decoy made much more realistic with new, unpublished, research.
8. More realistic battery ranges underwater.
9. SH3Patrol program updated with new patrol grids for the Type XXIII boat. (Also other changes.)
10. New updates for NYGM for those who use SH3Commander.
11. The east-coast minefield mod included, marks the giant British east-coast minefields on your map.
+ Numerous small changes, fixes, adjustments to the campaign files and air power, and similar.

Minor update 3.1 :

1. Re-zoned heavy bombers, so that they are a little more easily shot down.
2. Very minor changes to campaign files, command files and menu files.
3. OneLifeCrisis's excellent horizon fix now built in.
4. Hitman's excellent Optics mod 1.1 provided as an optional extra (find it in 'Documentation').
5. Slight changes to the optional Type XXIII boat for use in 1944/45. Now uses the cramped Type II boat interior as per Hitman's suggestion, not the original spacious Type XXI interior.
6. Ocean Blue's 'Final' torpedo damage mod included (NYGM previously used an earlier version).

Minor Update 3.2 :

There is very little new in this release, because it is now becoming hard to find anything interesting to add. However, some people require the new compass to aid manual targetting, hence this premature release.
New items (as well as minor tweaks):
1. Updated equipment upgrade chart (upgradeschart.tga) for use when equipping the U-boat at base.
2. Hitman's easy-to-read new compass as a pull-out item from the right hand of the screen.
3. Latest version of Hitman's optics mod for NYGM. Essential for manual targetting, and excellent even if you cheat by using the weapon's officer to set the dials! When installed (optional), this mod has also the pull-out compass.
4. Merchant smoke made much denser for coal-fired merchant ships (Mikhayl). This mod has also been added to some of the IABL ships, so that the IABLShips_NYGM3 file has been updated too. (Therefore users already possessing IABL's new merchant fleet will have to download it again if they want the smoke improvement.)
5. NYGM updates for SH3Commander.

Happy hunting.

Cette version 3.2 disponible sur MS est corrigée de quelques bugs non encore pris en compte sur la version officielle disponible sur la Home Page de TeddyBar.
Elle peut-être complété agréablement de la traduction française 3.2, disponible sur MS Téléchargement > Traductions françaises


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