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> Version 1.0.6 disponible
posté jeudi 02 octobre 2008 à 12:09
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Version 1.0.6

This version has a lot of updates, new features and likely new bugs. Coming soon, I'm also working on a couple of new scenarios and updating the manual.

Simulation improvements
- Improved damage model -- Added more general damage model with physical effects like blast, fragmentation, kinetic energy, etc.
- Larger damage footprints -- Support for area effects of single warhead nuclear missiles, bombs, torpedoes
- Air-to-air guns -- Improved the sim to handle air-to-air guns and also better model for ship point defense guns
- Smart bombs -- Sim models for GPS and laser guided bombs and wing kits, previously the sim would only handle unguided gravity bombs
- Aerial refueling -- In-flight refueling with tankers
- Air formations -- Basic air formations now possible (mainly to support refueling)
- Chaff/flare countermeasures
- Approximate ranging for passive detections
- Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) ESM model for rapid alerts vs threat radars
- Line of sight/terrain masking calculation for sensors

Interface updates
- More group commands in popup menu, some new group hotkeys
- When group is selected, can cycle through group in PlatformControl window
- Tactical view area shown in world map. Can click world map to recenter tactical view
- Added a third map layer for zooming out even more
- "Minimal 3D" option to shut off 3D model rendering
- Velocity leader option for heading vectors (vector length proportional to speed)

- Upgraded server with more automation
- Players can start another game after one finishes while remaining logged in to server
- Players can surrender and mutually agree to end game (/surrender and /endgame commands)
- Players can change scenario on server (via selecting scenario in normal scenario window)
- Added compression for some multiplayer data. Less bandwidth needed for unit state updates in multiplayer
- Fixed bug that caused some platforms to jump backwards after each update at client
- New server at (still working some availability and DNS issues). Can get basic server status at If time is incrementing then server is up.

- Added "sleep" to game loop to reduce CPU load when the game doesn't need it
- Added some neutrals (oil tanker) to some scenarios
- Added Ohio SSGN model from Gabriel, FFG-7 model from Guido, other misc 3D model cleanup

Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Bug fix with sound. Game could crash if too many sounds occured simultaneously (e.g. synchronous bomb release)
- Bug fix where air bases at 1000 m elevation or higher would not accept landing aircraft
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posté vendredi 03 octobre 2008 à 19:06
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Bonne nouvelle.

j'espere qu'ils ont resolus le probleme qui obligeait a changer l'année?

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posté samedi 04 octobre 2008 à 18:44
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