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> Version 1.0.9
posté jeudi 08 janvier 2009 à 19:39
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Version 1.0.9

Bug fixes
- Fixed crash to desktop that happened when viewing near North Pole sometimes
- Fixed map data error where thin strip of land near E180 deg longitude was all set to 0 m height

Simulation updates
- Radar model supports "look-down" performance degradation for targets within clutter horizon. One case for target over land, another for target over water.
- Sensor models support elevation coverage and elevation accuracy for height finding

- Scenario editor now correctly saves scenarios with more than 2 sides
- Added Tutorial/ScenarioTemplate2 scenario as template with 3 sides (third side neutral to other two)
- Clicking on platform in Platform Summary panel (upper left) now changes tactical map region automatically to make it easier to follow action over large areas

Database changes
- Added MinElevation_deg, MaxElevation_deg, ElevationError_deg to all sensor tables (radar, sonar, optical, esm, ecm)
- Added ElevationBeamwidth_deg, LookdownLand_dB, LookdownWater_dB to radar table
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