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Écrit par : M-S_BenAssen samedi 30 aot 2003 à 21:08

This site is now open to new flottilla.
To create your own flotilla, follow this:

1) register on the FMS site (select inscription on the left, bottom of the menu), or select

2) Important In the inscription form, select I am just visiting, I am not interested in flottilla membership. (default option), otherwise you will not be able to create a Flottilla.

3) once registered, go in the inter flottille menu and select "create a new flottilla", or select:
You will be automatically a member of the new created flotilla.
In cas of problem, email me: benoit arobase.gif

Écrit par : PL_Grom mercredi 17 septembre 2003 à 07:10

hmmmmmmmm just got idea. Maybe would be not bad if U guys will contact with BDU of Wolf Pack League "Frank" & CDO Eagle League "Gstew" on forum of the WPL/EGL & ask about. I hope they would participate.

Écrit par : M-S_BenAssen mercredi 17 septembre 2003 à 09:05

it is a good idea to contact other flotillas.
We are also in contact with Subsim's webmaster Neil Steven.
KingCharles has also some contact with chinese flotilla.

Lets first fix all the little problems we have with the first round as reported in this forum,
lets define the exacts rules of play,
and then, we will challenge our friends from the other side of Atlantic.

I think it will be for the second championship, at the beginning of 2004.

Écrit par : kingcharle mercredi 17 septembre 2003 à 10:04

cool.gif ok grom and ben

but in a first time we have the first championnat for look the problems with the rules

at the end of first champ we tchatch for change the bad rules for whryte a news rules

and after we can open the second champ with the news fleet

but now the ms team is for continue with the rules in aplication the dr65 too

because we don't whryte a rule for week wacko.gif


ps : wrhyte the rules who are not ok for you and after we tatch with 4 flotillas reponsible for change it wink.gif

and grom have you a substitute responsible for interflotilla if you are not here ???

Écrit par : DR65_IvanShark mercredi 17 septembre 2003 à 10:38

yes i agree with kingcharle ; lets continue with the present rules ; at the end of this 1st tournament we will see which rules have to be changed or added ; and we could call join us others fleets


Écrit par : PL_Grom mercredi 17 septembre 2003 à 22:22

Sure . That is Olo. I will just play if can, but any organizating positions thats to much for me. No time sad.gif always driving & driving.

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