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> Le Buccanner est dans la 2.6.2
posté mercredi 22 mars 2017 à 05:31
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Pour le moment il a quelques pbs au niveau des thruster mais bon le PTU c est fait pour ca.

Sinon voila les dernières news concernant son armement.

We're drawing closer to completion on the Drake Buccaneer, and with the few changes that have occurred over the build-out of the ship, I just wanted to clarify exactly what kit you can look forward to the ship having installed on it when it's made flight ready, along with a few of our longer-term plans with the ship.

Overall, we've retained pretty much the exact loadout-spec that was originally detailed during the concept sale, and probably the only shift involved determining which specific Missile Racks would come equipped.

Wingtips - S1 Hardpoint, stock loadout of the KBAR 9-Series Longsword (Ballistic Cannon)
Inner-Wings - S3 Hardpoint, stock loadout with the S3->S2 gimbal puck, with KLWE's CF-117 Badger installed. (Laser Repeater)
Spinal Mount - S4 Hardpoint, stock loadout with a Buccaneer-specific twin-S2 gimbal mount, with 2x GATS Tarantula-870's installed. (Ballistic Cannon)
Missile Pylons - S3 Pylon, stock loadout of the BEHR MSD-322 Missile Racks, each equipped with a pair of Rattler IR Cluster Missiles.

Now, beyond the stock kit of the ship. As apart of the Buccaneer's original concept sale, we ran a voting contest to include an additional S4 weapon that owners will be able to use with their ship, and the winning C-788 Combine ballistic cannon will be fully functional the day the ship is live, along with our other available S4 weapons, the Revenant ballistic gatling and the M6A laser cannon.

To ensure as many options as possible for both the Buccaneer and our other ships, we're also planning to introduce a S4->S3 Gimbal mount to Voyager Direct, for pilots who'd want to see just what a Mantis gatling or the Tarantula-Mk3 would perform on the spinal mount of the Buccaneer. Please note that both of these weapon mounts, while being considered as near-term options, are subject to re-evaluation and changes as we continue to solidify our weapon hardpoint loadout rules, as we strive to deliver a balanced fleet of ships for your enjoyment.

Into the post-release plans for the Buccaneer, we are going to take another pass at integrating the usable Weapon Rack for the pilot, though this would not be apart of the ships initial flight-ready setup. It may need some changes to how many weapons it would hold and its location, but when I had initially mentioned in Spectrum that it was absent on the ship, the community response reinforced that this is something cool that we want to get working on the ship.

So hopefully this gives everyone a clear idea on what kind of ship their Drake Buccaneer will be when it finally gets into your hands to fly.
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